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The Lifelong Workshops Limited

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Invest in Better Movement

Why we want to change the world:

The opportunity to solve a massive problem: the inactivity crisis

Inactivity has become an epidemic. Regardless of how old you are, this silent killer – referred to as the ‘new smoking’ – is devastating the globe. Its side-effects include obesity, heart disease, diabetes and preventable musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain – these can all be caused by not moving well and not moving enough.

Our Mission: The Why 

Improve the standards of human movement by perfecting the fundamentals.

What we do

We share educational books about exercise for adults and children. We deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops/courses to support our ideas.

Lifelong is the brand; movement education is our business

Movement education enables you to understand how to move in an optimal movement sequence that is beneficial to your everyday life.

Lifelong aim is to get the nation ‘moving better’. Lifelong has developed educational family books which engage people in physical activity. Throughout the books, readers are given the opportunity to imitate the movements demonstrated by the memorable characters. During their development phase, the books have already involved children around the UK in movement education.


Lifelong has also established a CPD course and series of workshops to support professionals who want to spread our word and are seeking to increase their knowledge. This will contribute to building a culture that will radically change the way the nation sees physical activity. Our approach provides a clear link to why we should exercise – it shows how staying strong helps us to live long and independent lives.

Functional movement

The term ‘functional’ in the leisure industry is overused and often misinterpreted. ‘Functional’ means ‘fit-for-purpose’, and although there are many fitness methods that do require high levels of combined fitness capacities (strength, flexibility etc.), the question remains: ‘functional for what purpose?’.

Lifelong Movements relates to the functions of everyday living. It combines Activities of Daily Living (ADL) with an exercise we would use in the gym/at home/outside. Exercise becomes more than just exercise – it becomes purposeful. The easiest way to explain this is, for example, by asking the question: for what purpose would we use the squat? The answer is: squatting is important for moving from sitting to standing, for going to the toilet, for picking things up, and for all sorts of other essential tasks. We now have a reason to squat better and more often, as we know it is necessary for everyday life.

Lifelong Movements is the education provided to all who class themselves as physical educators. It gives meaning to the term ‘functional training’ and highlights what is necessary for people to live long and independent lifestyles free from injury.

We’re excited by our CPD Course and workshops, delivered to health and fitness professionals around the UK.

We work alongside those who have a similar vision and want to give back to our communities. We hope you enjoy your visit to the website. Remember: INVEST IN BETTER MOVEMENT!

Daniel Fallon – Managing Director



About the Managing Director


Daniel is an Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist who is on a mission to improve the human movement by encouraging the world to perfect the fundamentals. Working in the fitness industry for almost 15 years he has worked with and followed the best strength and movement coaches in the world. From Strong First to Gray Cook Dan’s influences makes personal trainer’s question their practice and encourages them to use the most up-to-date evidence to support their exercise prescription.

His experience is vast stemming from rehabilitation with special forces to writing children’s books, his passion for injury prevention spills over to all the workshops he delivers in schools and gyms around the UK.