Teaching movement to change the quality of lives.

Lifelong Movements

Lifelong Movements is based on actions that we use in our everyday lives.

Our activities of daily living (ADL) can vary – they certainly do for parents! One thing is for sure; it is vital to remain mobile and strong in order to be functionally capable to carry out everyday tasks with few or no limitations.

Better Movement

First and foremost, Lifelong Movements gives those that are not interested in going into gym an opinion to use the great outdoors or even in their own front room.

We start from the very basics in bodyweight training and our principles are underpinned by years of research and experience working with clients to increase their mobility, strength and stability.

We give time-efficient workout ideas and help to break up periods of inactivity for those in sedentary job roles.

We recommend everyone must move every 30 minutes in accordance with Dr. Stuart Beadle’s research.

We work alongside those who have a similar vision and want to give back to our communities. I hope you enjoy your visit to the website.

Daniel Fallon – Managing Director


About the Managing Director


I am a Personal Trainer with a Exercise Rehabilitation background who is on a mission. Working in the fitness industry for over 10 years I have worked with and followed the best strength and movement coaches in the world.

My experience makes me different to most educators, stemming from rehabilitation with special forces to writing children’s books, my passion for reducing injuries spills over to all the workshops I deliver in schools and gyms around the UK.