Hey, I’m Dan Fallon – ex-Royal Navy Physical Trainer and children’s book author.

I created Lifelong Movements after spending years moving like a zombie due to injuries caused by my sporting and military career.

I want to share my experiences with you, as I believe this will be a powerful tool to help you manage clients who have had problems during their fitness journey.

During my workshops I provide you with insights that can give you the edge in a competitive PT environment.

Since developing the Lifelong Movements method, my mobility has increased so much so that my life as a dad has been much more active.

My knowledge of my own movement restrictions and how to correct them has helped other clients see the same results.

My strength through full range of motion has allowed me to take part in physically demanding tasks that I used to dread – like moving to a new house.

Who has attended Lifelong Movements:

  • PE Teachers
  • Sports Therapists
  • Personal Trainers

What People Say About Lifelong Movements

  • ‘It’s an approach I have never come across before in my 15 years of PT’ Ethem Yates – Royal Navy Physical Trainer
  • ‘I came away with such a buzz to apply the principles Lifelong Movements taught me not only to my students but to myself’ Alison Earnshaw-Punnet – PE Teacher
  • ‘I have never come away with so much knowledge and change of mindset after such a short time before’ Kelda Hoggath – Personal Trainer
  • ‘Great workshop, great content. The ultimate blueprint for human movement’ Adam Williams, Head of Products YMCA

Free Download Lifelong Movements

Throughout the course all participants will be observed on their ability to coach each movement
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