Position yourself as an expert and increase your client retention

Do you struggle to keep your clients after they have reached their fat loss goals?

I know I did when I first started personal training. I had always got great results for clients but they always seemed like they wanted the next thing.

The client would always shop around, latching on to trends or seek a better price. Things changed when I learned the secrets of high level movement assessment and strength techniques. My clients perceived me as a valuable asset to their lifestyle. My client retention went through the roof.

Lifelong Movements – Exercise Performance Scale is a movement assessment that shows the client instantly you know what you are talking about and increases your credibility within one session.

It is so simple for the personal trainer and the client is impressed with how methodical you are with their initial consultation. Clients often say ‘this is cool, different to what I am used to, I have never really had this from a personal trainer’ winner, winner chicken dinner!

This immediately positions you as an expert.

But the first assessment isn’t the cool part about this.

The REALLY cool part about having a start place after your initial assessment is once you have established:

- Core endurance
- Hip endurance
- Shoulder mobility
- Squat mobility
- Single leg control
- Core to extremity


You then tailor their program giving them WHAT they WANT without compromising them functionally (if they can’t squat you wouldn’t have them doing squat jumps … I hope).

Also, giving them what they need to become better at achieving their goals.

Believe me, movement efficiency has a lot to do with fat loss.

Now, here is the money shot.

4-6 week after you have worked with the client, you then re-test their movement assessment (in this case Lifelong Movements – Exercise Performance Scale) and guess what … yep they have smashed it.

I have yet to come across a client that hasn’t improved just one element of their Lifelong Movements – Exercise Performance Scale.

The absolute key to all this is when they go to tell ALL their friends and family that YOU are the ONLY PT they would trust with their health and fitness.

Hence, WHY movement assessment is going to make you more money.


Marie the PT

I’d like to take a minute to tell you about one of my students. Marie was new to the industry, confused about who to trust as there are so many empty promises out there.
Confused about who to follow for good advice – is this resonating yet?

Marie attended a workshop of mine and became my biggest fan. I even personally trained her for 6 weeks.

I get it, the amount of information on the web these days regarding fitness and mentors is overwhelming.

CPD courses are hard to find that give you incredible value and not just a certificate.

I promise you value or your money back.

Who is Dan Fallon?

I guess you’re wondering who I am and what qualifies me to make these bold statements.

My name is Dan Fallon, I’m an ex-Royal Navy Exercise Specialist and published children’s book author (this grabs most peoples attention, by now I hope you know that I care about the fitness industry).

I have helped special forces, elite sportsmen and women and busy parents achieve the highest levels of fitness.

I deliver education to personal trainers like you in your front room.

I have a proven track record of mentoring my students to become extraordinary personal trainers within their environment.


What’s in it for you?

- Have your clients telling all their friends and family that you are the ONLY PT they trust with their fitness goals – RETENTION AND GROWTH.

- Blow your clients away with our simple guide to movement assessment and POSITION YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT.

- REALLY build stronger, more shapely glutes using science not fiction (IG is fiction, right?).

- Add 20 kg to your clients bench press and learn how to get them lifting over head with no pain or restrictions.

- Teach your clients how to chisel a six-pack without doing a single sit-up.

- Unlocking your clients sporting performance by using only the Bulgarian Split Squat.


Why is Lifelong Movements Different?

I keep it personal and intimate.

I never take on more than 30 students at a time so that I can give you the mentorship you need to become the go-to PT in your local town.

At the moment there are 100s of PT mentorships out there but do they give you the personal touch that you deserve?

You Have Two Options

Option 1 – The Blue Pill

You go back to doing what you have tried before, feeling frustrated and spending money on collecting certificates that bring no meaning. Never really making progress with your education in the fitness space.

Option 2 – The Red Pill

Enough is enough, you make the smart move and you become the PT everyone is raving about in the fitness space in your town.

I believe in giving you a personal service

- Lifetime access to the exclusive ‘Secret Facebook’ group with like minded personal trainers.
- Live webinar once a month with a Q/A session on the spot.
- Access to 2 live workshops around the UK.
- Unlimited email support.
- 1-to-1 video call once a month.
- Access to all our eBooks.
- Access to our membership area.
- Video critiques on yours or your client’s exercise technique.


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