Lifelong are known around the UK for working with exercise professionals in mainstream health clubs, schools and military establishments to improve the standards of movement assessment and education. Lifelong provide workshops based around reducing the risks of over-use injuries during poor movement performance.

The employees at Lifelong are highly skilled, with over 15 years of military experience.

Lifelong are governed by the Register of Exercise Professionals and keep up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practice.

Injury prevention through teaching good movement is absolute key – no fitness professional intends to cause injury to their clients/students through poor exercise prescription.

What is Movement Education?

Movement education enables you to understand how to prescribe movement that promotes optimal sequencing that is beneficial to your clients/students everyday life.

We relate every movement to activities of daily living (ADL).

Seven Key Learning Outcomes of the Two-Day CPD Course

• Understand the origin of basic movement patterns related to activities of daily living
• Understand the principles of Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP)
• Recognize the relationship of the core and glute group for injury prevention
• Discover the coaching philosophy and adapting your teaching style to suit your client/student
• Understand the key areas for modifying movement
• Identify how training modalities can be manipulated
• How to be effective with exercise prescription through screening

Throughout the course all participants will be observed on their ability to coach each movement
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