Hey, I’m Dan Fallon – ex-Royal Navy Physical Trainer and children’s book author.

I created Lifelong Movements after spending years moving like a zombie due to injuries caused by my sporting and military career.

After creating Lifelong Movements, I have seen my functional lifestyle change dramatically and it has help my cope with the daily tasks of been a dad.

I have been on a mission ever since to share this message with the other exercise professionals around the world.

Sharing My Message With You

While I was serving in the military, I had the opportunity to work with injured service personnel from all walks of life.

One week I could be getting a Special Forces soldier ready to be fit for operations after knee surgery, and the next I could be getting a warrant officer ready to leave the services with the aim of remaining functional for activities of daily living.

What I learned the most is that one-size certainly does not fit all.

Whilst working with service personnel I began to see a pattern.

People want to know the WHY.

WHY they are told they have to squat to improve their quality of life.

WHY they have to hinge at the hips when they pick up their kids.

WHY it’s a good idea to build core endurance to be able to maintain their garden throughout the year.

I’m passionate about sharing this information with YOU and want to work with others that are ready to engage the world with their ’150 MINUTES’ of moderate to vigour activity that fits with their lifestyle.

Who Is The Course For:

  • Exercise professionals working with the 30 plus population

What People Say About Lifelong Movements

  • ‘It’s an approach I have never come across before in my 15 years of PT’ Ethem Yates – Royal Navy Physical Trainer
  • ‘I came away with such a buzz to apply the principles Lifelong Movements taught me not only to my students but to myself’ Alison Earnshaw-Punnet – PE Teacher
  • ‘I have never come away with so much knowledge and change of mindset after such a short time before’ Kelda Hoggath – Personal Trainer
  • ‘Great workshop, great content. The ultimate blueprint for human movement’ Adam Williams, Head of Products YMCA

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